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PMbasics: Project completion

Project completion is more than the last milestone in the life cycle of the project. Project completion is a process that has its deliverables and the goal of this process is  to fully finish and conclude the project. Each process in the project ends with some documents and process of closing the project has two…
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PMbasics: Project control and monitoring

Successful projects start with developing quality plans commensurate with the nature and type of project and their application in order to achieve the project objectives. It is necessary to support these plans with the regulatory process which monitor their implementation. Such monitoring of project execution can be defined as the identification of deviations between planned…
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PMbasics: Project communication

Information is data that has meaning for the recipient and communication is the exchange of information between two or more parties, groups or organizations. Forms of communication can be considered according to the mode (spoken, written, pictorial) transfer (indirect and direct), type (formal, informal) and to a number of other criteria. Project communication is the…
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PMbasics: Project Risks

Risk and uncertainty are a potential danger for the failure of the project and the risk can affect productivity, time, quality and cost of the project. For this reason in addition to time, cost and quality management of the project we often must talk about systematic risk management as a necessary element of project management.…
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PMbasics: Costs, Time, Quality

Within projects objectives result is frequently measured by business or financial results and thus determines the success of the project from the perspective of investors or companies. The success of project management is usually measured by these three factors: Costs, Time, Quality which must be in accordance with what is defined in the project plans.…
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