9th YCC Project Management Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to annually bring together young and ambitious people whose area of interest is related to project management. This event aims to present to the future young project managers the ability to acquire new skills, introduce them with the trends in the world of project management, enable to gain new experiences and exchange them, and also provide an opportunity for networking with other like-minded people. Each year Young Crew Croatia brings its participants leading professional and experienced project managers from all over Croatia and the world, which results in the growing interest of applicants and also confirms the quality of the workshop. 


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Anyone between 21 and 35 years of age, who is interested in project management, wants to meet new people, extend their professional network and gain new experience and knowledge on project management.


The workshop is a traditional annual meeting of young Croatian and foreign project managers who see it as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, practical experiences and know-how. From year to year, the number of participants is increasing, as an indicator of the recognizability of this workshop as quality, instructive and happy to visit.


You can apply by filling out the form at the link below:



Accomandation Valamar Koralj Hotel***

The early bird catches the worm! Available from April 3 until April 23, 2019

Early bird price - 1199 HRK

Regular price from April 24 until May 24, 2019

Full price - 1499 HRK

For students and CAPM/YCC members - 1399 HRK

This price includes:

    • - a half-board in a double room (two nights)
    • - workshop and all necessary materials
    • - free internet access
    • - parking space
    • - team building activity on Sunday morning
    • - dinner on Saturday evening at the traditional Taverna Koralj
    • - residential tax


Every year Young Crew Croatia brings you the most interesting methods in the field of project management. You can choose between one of these two workshops:

    • ♦ Mastering Scrum for Generation Z - A Scrum Master's workshop
    • ♦ Product Ownership from the Trenches

Mastering Scrum for Generation Z - A Scrum Master's workshop

Scrum is probably the most popular agile framework at the moment. With attending this workshop you’ll get a short introduction to Scrum Master responsibilities. The main focus is to learn intermediate and more advanced skills and techniques of a modern Scrum Master. With Generation Z getting on the market, we’ll focus on mastering the art of Scrum with younger and less experienced Scrum teams. To cover as many as real life work challenges, you will be split into groups with other attendees!

Product Ownership from the Trenches

Team value maximizer and the one who ensures that the team builds the right thing are some of the ways one can describe the role of a Product Owner. Join us to learn more about the responsibilities of the PO, how to collaborate with the team and the Scrum Master, how to work with users and stakeholders. We will get into the nitty-gritty of creating a Product Roadmap and how to create and manage the Product Backlog, what to do on those weird Ceremonies. We will go into the nuances of Release Planning, how to envision features and create user journeys then break them down into S.M.A.R.T. User Stories. But most importantly, join us to have some fun while getting actionable tips and tricks straight from the trenches.


"Our experienced trainers"

Mastering Scrum for Generation Z - A Scrum Master's workshop

Trainers: Ivan Kosovec and Igor Babić

Ivan Kosovec got his first touch with agile during his college days. After a few years of working as a software developer, he’s been working as a project manager in Infinum for the last 3 years. Working on projects with several large regional enterprises, he found his love in FinTech. He leads his projects strictly agile, mostly finding himself in the Scrum Master role. Ivan was also the finalist of last year's Project Management Awards as the project manager in charge of Terappia - a mobile app which has won multiple regional awards and has been ranked as #1 free medical app on the Croatian App Store. During his time at Infinum, he successfully worked on over 30 projects with clients all around the globe. More about Ivan on LinkedIn.

Igor Babić, although he got a Master’s in energetics on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, found his interest in business processes and IT. After a few years of working as a business analyst and project manager, for the last 2 years he’s working as Head of Software Development at Inceptum. While managing the biggest and most complex department in the company, he’s also supervising development of all Inceptum’s products - including commercial and telecommunication solution delivery. More about Igor on LinkedIn.

Product Ownership from the Trenches

Trainers: Balázs Hada and Domagoj Ćuk

Balázs specialized in developing and launching MVPs in industries ranging from mining and banking to the pharmaceutical industry. Mostly as a Product Owner, but also as an Agile coach and delivery consultant. He has successfully delivered projects to global clients from 4 continents. Launching new projects and developing not just the product but the viable business idea, getting to tackle the problems and working on the design are why he loves doing what he does. His main interest are everything digital, with a focus on user-friendly design and emerging trends like IoT. More about Balázs on LinkedIn

Domagoj Ćuk is an Agile evangelist that has grinded through all roles from a Development team member, to a Scrum Master, Product Owner and a Agile Coach. He accepts that changes are inevitable, and we must strive to adapt to anything that the world throws at us. That exact lesson is one that he learned way before he knew what Agile really meant. Even though his career path had multiple twists and turns, his role was always that of a facilitator. Achieving the best results when aiding those around him to be the best version of themselves they can be. Currently Domagoj is Head of Technology and Development for Erste Card Club on a wonderful journey of setting up a Digital Lab as the stepping stone to a grander Agile and Digital transformation of the organization. More about Domagoj on LinkedIn.


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