7th YCC Project Management Workshop

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Awake the project manager in you!

The aim of the workshop is to annually bring together young and ambitious people whose area of interest is related to project management. This event aims to present to the future young project managers the ability to acquire new skills, introduce them with the trends in the world of project management, enable to gain new experiences and exchange them, and also provide an opportunity for networking with other like-minded people. Each year Young Crew Croatia brings its participants leading professional and experienced project managers from all over Croatia and the world, which results in the growing interest of applicants and also confirms the quality of the workshop.


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Anyone between 21 and 35 years of age, who is interested in project management, wants to meet new people, extend their professional network and gain new experience and knowledge about project management.


he workshop is a traditional annual meeting of young Croatian and foreign project managers who see it as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, practical experiences and know-how. From year to year, the number of participants is increasing, as an indicator of the recognizability of this workshop as quality, instructive and happy to visit.


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Hotel Karmen** 1299kn/174€

Hotel Neptun***  1599kn/214€


"Change the way you manage projects"

This workshop gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with „Lean and Agile“ methods in project management. Also it gives you the opportunity to  adopt new knowledge and  opportunity to apply your project management knowledge in your practice. It also offers the opportunity to meet new people and develop their own professional network.
Playing Lean: Project management in Innovation projects

Today, 80% of innovation projects fail, the most common  reason is that they build something nobody wants. Innovation  is the lifeblood of any company.  Or it should be, at least, in these fast moving  and extremely  competitive  times. Too often though, organizations  find themselves  struggling to make their ideas succeed. Implementing  Lean Startup method in Project Management  can improve their chances of success. This workshop teaches you the Lean Startup methodology by competing in the social, physical board game - Playing Lean and how you can implement  it to projects.

Agile mindset and values for more predictability and less stress in project management

New ways of working and modern projects require a different approach to execution; Management methods from the beginning of the last century simply no longer function. At the second workshop you can learn about more appropriate principles, tools and techniques, which are commonly called Agile mindset and values. Why drag  your work instead of pushing it in a new direction? Why empirical process control is the way to go?  Why  should you work incrementally and iteratively, what is lean thinking and how it helps the creative workers? What is Scrum and how it fits in? Join us at the workshop and find out answers to these questions.


"Our experienced speakers"

Miro_HegedicMiro Hegedić

Official Playing Lean Facilitator

Miro Hegedić cis a founder of Lean Startup Croatia and one of the organizers of the Lean Startup Meetup Zagreb and Lean Startup Drill, a 24-hours event that teaches participants Lean Startup methodology.

He is doing PhD in process optimization models based on Lean management at the University of Zagreb. Because of his passion for traveling, business and startups he launched a startup up4talk, where among other things he learned about the application of Lean principles in startups. He has been working with different teams in process of implementing Lean Startup principles in their projects. Miro has been a mentor in “The Inkubator” program conducted by Impact HUB Zagreb, the Summer Entrepreneurship Training and Smartup Competition.

He is also a part of the mentor’s network at the Core HUB. From 2015 he has been a Playing Lean facilitator and he has been teaching established companies how to implement Lean Startup in their product development processes. Miro is an active member of Young Crew and has served as Board member of YC Croatia from 2014 to 2016.

You can find more information about Miro on:

Davor-ČengijaDavor Čengija

Agile Coach  and Enterprise Architect

Davor Čengija is Agile Coach and Enterprise Architect with 20 years of experience in software development industry. He went through every stage of the process, working as a software developer, software and system architect and even project manager. Always close to ending customers he often took actions in business development, sales and presales. Currently his job is best described as Agile Coach and evangelist.

Through years he's specialized in applying his knowledge and experience in large, multi-team and multi-year projects, especially in banking, telecom and government sectors.  Having formal education in mechanical engineering, he always leaned toward applying agile principles in non-development environment, such as enterprise architecture, operations, marketing and sales, or HR, enabling people to adopt more creative, fun and interesting way of work.

He developed and teaches several successful courses on quality of software development, system architecture, enterprise architecture and lean and agile approach to work.  He's an active member of the local agile community, organizing, facilitating and presenting at meetups and conferences in the region. Through his blogs and social networks presence he's working hard on demystifying Scrum and agile principles and concepts in general, helping people better understand the benefits of such an approach.

You can find more information about Davor on:

Nino-ZeljkoNino Zeljko

Agile Coach

Nino Zeljko is an agile coach with more than 12 years of experience as a software developer with roles in design, development, deployment, testing and optimization, applying different technologies on number of projects from various business domains, as a member of small and big teams and on projects of various sizes.

Working since 2011 in Agile environments, first as a developer, then a Scrum Master and an Agile coach, he is using his skills to help teams and companies improve themselves using Agile values and principles and adopt agile methodologies. His focus and motivation is helping teams and individuals create a better working environment and improve the way they work so it becomes more satisfying part of people's lives, to reach their full potential and provide better products and services to their customers.

See more at:



Friday, 09.06.2017.

14:00-15:00 Arrival on Brijuni and check in

18:30-19:00 Registration of participants

19:00-20:00 Dinner in the hotel

20:00-21:30 Welcome speech

21:30-23:00 Informal gathering

Saturday, 10.06.2017.

08:00-09:00 Breakfast

09:00-13:30 Participation at the workshop

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:30 Participation at the workshop

17:00-19:00 Brijuni tour / free time for the beach

20:00-20:30 Workshop lessons learned

20:30-21:00 Closing session

21:00-04:00 Beach „Chil & grill“ dinner and party

Sunday, 11.06.2017.

08:00-09:00 Breakfast

09:00-11:30 Teambuilding

11:30  Check out


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Already traditional, the 7th national Young Crew Croatia workshop will be held from 09.06. - 11.06.2016. at Brijuni. They are located one kilometer west of the Istrian coast and consist of 14 islands and islets. Thanks to its indented coastline, history, variety of flora and fauna, which makes Brijuni known as the "paradise on Earth", on October 27, 1983, Brijuni was proclaimed a national park and a favorite tourist destination.


The "Karmen" is located by the sea in the vicinity of the "Istra-Neptun" Hotel.
The hotel has 54 rooms on three floors. There are 24 single rooms with terraces and 30 double rooms (18 have terraces ). Double rooms have bathroom, hair-dryer and direct dial telephone

Also participants will be accommodated at the Neptun Hotel which is located on the seafront in the central port of Veli Brijun Island. It has 96 accommodation units spread over three floors, of which 73 are double, 4 single rooms and 19 are suites. Rooms are equipped with a TV with satellite connection, a minibar, direct dial telephone and a bathroom with a bathtub. Most rooms have a balcony with a sea view.


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"In Zadar it was awesome! Accommodation by the sea and close to the beach, the food was good, every night hanging out on the terrace, club we also close.
The lectures lasted from the morning so we had a break for lunch (a little longer, because we still needed a little rest), after we’ve continued until dinner around 19 hours. Lectures were located in a hotel near the hostel where we were settled. We had foreign lecturers, the language of instruction and communication was English.
All in all an excellent workshop with a lot of applicable materials, going out every night, and waking up around eight was not a problem that weekend."

Dalibor Slanac, Zadar 30. lipnja 2016.

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"YCC annual gathering is an original initiative for the sake of networking of young project managers in a way that people work together towards accomplishing the common goal in a two-day workshop full of incentives and ideas for future cooperation and initiatives. Best recommendation for a case study by the company Primakon, leaders of 5. national YCC workshop. The leaders encouraged teams to work in a very short period of time and to show their competence, especially in the organization and in mutual communication. Also teams were encouraged to use their knowledge in project management and the profession which they belong. For me personally, this experience has given me the most feedback on how to act when, in practice, common situations change and how to react in a stressful environment. I recommend to everyone; go to the next workshop!"

Ines Majdak, Rijeka 30. lipnja 2016.

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“By becoming a member of the YCC in late spring last year at its first meeting, except that I met a lot of new people, I have learned about a national workshop in Rijeka. The project sounded very interesting, and I thought, if I had already become a member, why shouldn't I apply and gain some new experiences. The workshop lasted three days and it was very good and interesting thanks to the guys from Primakon. We've all had a chance to do something new and useful to learn from them in those three days. Do not think that we were just working, we were doing lots of stuff, regardless of the age difference, we had great fun on the night out, enjoyed dinner together and got to know Rijeka (fortunate that there was not too much rain: P). I highly recommend everyone to participate in the workshop."

Tomislav Krovinović, Rijeka 30. lipnja 2016.



For all other questions you can contact us at: info@youngcrew.hr

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